[APRIL 27th, 2012]

There is and has always been an open Chatroom as part of the Chat Bar in the bottom-right section of your screen. While the site population is low, I have changed the "Who's Online" list to include all members currently online. That means you will see all registered users, and be able to chat with them. This is an experimental setting, and is intended to be temporary as a means to encourage use of the Chat functionality without having to first "Add Friends."

If you'd like to continue chatting with friends in the long term, please add them as a friend through their profile on the website. Or if you'd like to continue talking with random online members, please take advantage of the "Chatrooms" feature, on the left side of the chat bar, on the bottom of your screen.

NOTE: If this is not something you're interested in, you can set yourself to "Invisible" by clicking the little gear icon, and choosing your status.

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Here is a quick overview of the "important/neat" features of our Chat module:

- Multi-player Games: Challenge your friends! Honestly...when setting this up, I thought it would be a gimmick. But there are 27 games, and quite a few of them are a lot of fun. 8-ball pool, anyone?

- Chat history: You can go over and review your previous chat conversations with friends. Very handy feature.

- Block User: This feature is useful right now while we have an "Open Chat" system, where any member can contact you. Once we switch back to "Friends Only" chat, all you'd need to do to prevent a member from start a chat conversation with you is remove them as a "Friend" in your profile.

- Handwriting/Doodle Pad: As you can guess...you doodle something, and it gets send to whomever you're chatting with. It shows right in the chat conversation window.

- File Transfer: Note: Please only use this for smaller files only. Anything over 5mb should be uploaded to a file host service. This allows you to easily send a file, such as a monitor driver, a picture, or one of my favourites, PowerStrip. This should come in quite handy. Even more so when we move to a new server.

- Public + Private Chat Channels: You can use the Public Chat Channel to connect with other 120hz.NET members who may not be on your Friend's list (this becomes important once we disable Open Chat). You can also create your own Public chat channels, or your own Private invite-only chat channels for having group discussions.

- Share: Easy way to share the page you're looking at with friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (do people still use that?) as well as various other sites. It's the little green icon between the Chatrooms and Globe (home button) icon in your chat bar!

And that covers our Chat feature! Please let us know if you have any issues with it and we'll look at getting it resolved.

- HyperMatrix